Home Learning E-Safety

 We take e-safety extremely seriously at St Mary's Church in Wales Primary School. 


The internet and social technologies offer huge possibilities for learning and research, for communication and collaboration and for limitless creativity and we should not lose sight of this positive message.  We want to make the most of these exciting possibilities and technologies to ensure that your child had the most exciting, informative and challenging learning journey possible.  We ask that you join with us to ensure that your child accesses the internet safely and securely. 


Diolch yn Fawr.

Covid-19 Home Learning Cyber Safety Resources suggested by Gwent Police.

CEOP have created #OnlineSafetyAtHome activities which can be downloaded free from the ThinkUKnow website at:


The ThinkUKnow website has a range of cartoons, interactive films, and even an online safety game called Band Runner which can be played at:


Gwent Police have also released a Stay-at-home Heroes Activity Pack, with colouring-in activities, word searches and Sudoku puzzles which can also be downloaded from: