@ St Mary's

Our e-Safety zone contains resources, links, advice and support for our pupils and parents/carers and promotes safe and responsible use of the internet by all.  We take e-safety extremely seriously at St Mary's Church in Wales Primary School. 


The internet and social technologies offer huge possibilities for learning and research, for communication and collaboration and for limitless creativity and we should not lose sight of this positive message.  We want to make the most of these exciting possibilities and technologies to ensure that your child had the most exciting, informative and challenging learning journey possible.  We ask that you join with us to ensure that your child accesses the internet safely and securely. 


Diolch yn Fawr.

How safe are you?


Click on the link below to try out Captain Kara and Winston's Smart Adventure to see how e-safe you are.




It is often challenging to keep up with your children's use of technology; what they are doing online, who they are chatting to, what games they are playing and what they are downloading and viewing.


The Welsh Government works with a range of partners in recognising that from time to time, more risky or harmful internet behaviours can lead people into difficulty.  Through it's Hwb programme WAG has set up a parents e-safety zoneWe recommend that you visit this zone by clicking on the link below.


Recent research has shown that children spend far longer online than their parents think. Most online service providers offer some safety features that can help you manage access to age-inappropriate content, report concerns or protect privacy.