What's happening at St Mary's?

At St Mary’s we have started preparing for the new curriculum with training, research, understanding the design of the new curriculum and identifying how we can successfully implement ideas in our school.

The Four Core Purposes and Our Values


As a church school we take great pride in promoting ‘values’ as part of our teaching and learning.  We feel that they form an important part in producing well rounded individuals with good moral understanding.


As a school we have identified 16 key values.  Work was undertaken that included the input of everyone in the school from teachers to pupils in order to ‘link’ our values to the Four Core Purposes. 


Pupils are developing an understanding of the Four Core Purposes and our values and how they link together through assemblies and lessons.  Pupils in KS2 have been piloting the development of pupil evaluations against the Four Core Purposes and Values which enables them to reflect on what they have done and how they can improve.

KS2 have trialled a 'focused fortnight' for WW1 which culminated in a superb memorial service at St Mary's Church for Remembrance Day, whilst Foundation Phase investigated Nursery Rhymes and solved the Humpty Dumpty Whodunnit? conundrum.


This term all classes have taken part in ‘Pupil Review’ days which allowed every pupil to have one to one time with their teacher to discuss how they are performing, their targets and to discuss how they feel about school in general.  These were interesting and thought provoking days and the reviews will be used as a basis for parents consultations moving forwards.


As you can see we have developed a school ‘logo’ for our values and purposes and would now like to develop ‘Core Purpose Characters’ to go with each of the core purposes.  Pupils have been asked to design characters as part of a competition.  The winning characters will be chosen by the Senydd Ysgol and used as part of Values displays throughout the school.  The winners will be announced after half-term – exciting times!

Digital Competence


Since 2016 we have been working towards improving technology and IT skills by working towards the DCF (Digital Competence Framework).  With the help of Gareth Morgan Consultancy we implemented a structured IT scheme of work which referenced the DCF in order to ensure that pupils are developing the correct skills for their age.  The scheme utilised the resources we had in school such as iPads and Purple Mash as well as allowing the development of Google Classroom throughout KS2 to encourage collaboration and communication.


This year, in preparation for the new curriculum we have moved to utilising ‘The Digital Den’ which maps out DCF skills for each year group and highlights appropriate activities that can be used to develop these skills.  We are also ‘tracking’ DCF coverage with the aim of identifying any gaps in provision e.g. skills, teaching and equipment that we can address in preparation for the delivery of the new curriculum.


As a school we have always felt that Digital Citizenship and online safety are important.  Our school website has contained an online safety section for parents.  We have developed our own E-Safety video, taught ‘citizenship’ and online safety as part of our IT lessons and have promoted and participated in Safer Internet Day.