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Why a new curriculum?

In 2014 the OECD report ‘Improving Schools in Wales’ identified many areas in which the curriculum wasn’t working.  In response to this the Welsh Government commissioned an independent review of curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales which was undertaken by Prof. Graham Donaldson and published in a document called ‘Successful futures’.


In this document Prof. Donaldson highlights many reasons for change importantly identifying that the curriculum was not providing enough opportunities for pupils to develop skills relevant to 21st century learning.  At St Mary’s we believe that it is imperative that our pupils are prepared for life in an ever increasingly digital and modern world.

The National Mission Document ‘Education in Wales: Our National Mission’ sets out 16 key actions, of which one is to:

‘Deliver a transformational new curriculum, to embed the four purposes and ensure that all are focused on higher standards of literacy and numeracy and ensuring our young people are more digitally and bilingually competent.’